A picture of the owner's beloved pet

It's only been a few weeks already but I feel compelled to share my experience with Christine and K-9 Kardio. Christine is awesome. She has the right calmness about her that dogs need to be around. She is trustworthy, thorough and genuinely cares about animals.

The in depth interview and introduction will have you convinced after 5 minutes of meeting Christine, that she has your dog’s welfare in mind.

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This is a service I have been wanting for years now but had no luck finding. Daycare options work but don’t guarantee your dog any one on one time, drop off and pick up times can be a hassle and who knows what kind of hygiene issues other boarding dogs may be introducing to your animal.

I recommend and encourage anyone to try Christine, this service offers a wealth of flexibility and most importantly, peace of mind.

Two thumbs way up!

- Dave Mackenzie

A picture of the owner's beloved pet

Great service! I have found Christine to be very professional and caring with my dogs! She gave awesome updates after each visit and even went out of her way to come to my home to give me some tips on handling my dog on a leash! I will definitely continue to use her services, especially as winter is coming!

- Meaghan Lowthers

A picture of the owner's beloved pet

I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the service we received while we were away for Labour Day weekend. Christine took care of our dogs like they were hers, which meant a lot for us. I would recommend K-9 Kardio to any dog owner out there.

- Jamie Pelletier Bernier

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I am an overprotective pet Mommy, so I take great caution in who I allow to care for my pets. Christine K-9 Kardio has been a wonderful addition to my fur babies' life. She is always there when I am in need of her. She has done pee breaks for my 'senior' dog Sassy as well as drop in care for my 2 felines while I was out of town. I highly recommend her services!

- Gena Franco Lavigne

A picture of the owner's beloved pet

We hired Christine last fall. Best. Decision. Ever. She's the best. For real. When our dog punctured her paw on a loose bar on her crate earlier this summer (totally my fault for not replacing a faulty crate in a timely fashion), Christine cleaned and bandaged puppy's paw and then brought her to the vet for me.

We have no idea how Christine is able to do so much and with such care, but we certainly appreciate it.

Hire her. You won't regret it.

- Ashley M Boutin