Dog Walking & Play Dates

  A nice photo of Christine walking a small to medium sized black dog and a big spotted white and beige dog

Dog Walking

In everything we do, K-9 Kardio takes a personalized approach to caring and giving your dog the option of what type of walk they prefer. That’s why we offer Private Individual Walks as well as Group Walks.

On every walk, we ensure your dog will be part of the most fulfilling dog walk possible. We put much emphasis on proper leash walking, not allowing bad behaviors and building a solid relationship with each individual dog.


Private Individual Walk

Private walks are designed to focus on specific concerns you have with your dog,. We will walk and interact with your dog exclusively one-on-one. This option is great for unsocial dogs or for some who prefers walking with their sibling. We offer two types of private walk:

  • Structured walk: A walk with little to no interruptions. It simply means that we lead the walk, and the dog follows. A structured walk is a key element to achieving a balanced dog. These types of walks are more intense, physically challenging and mentally stimulating.
  • Relax walk: For the ones who just need to get out there and explore, sniff around and walk at their own pace. These options are great for puppies or senior dogs.

Group Walk

To help build socialization skills, we offer Group Walks. Have your dog mingle with fellow K-9’s on a pack walk. Your dog will get the chance to socialize, exercise, and be part of a pack experience. All dogs are evaluated before joining a group to ensure safety of your furry friends.


Doggy Play Dates

This service brings the kids out of us that is why we’re actively engaged in every play session.

Most playdates are arranged in an enclosed/fenced area however off leash options can be discussed after evaluating each dog at the initial meet and greet and establishing a solid recall.


Private Play Date

Private Play Date consists of one on one play time such as a fetch session or games your dog(s) enjoy most.


Group Play Date

Dogs will socialize, play fetch, work on recall and basic training in groups no larger than 6. (Dog must play well with others)​.

It's a fun way to break up the monotony of walks and gives your pooch some added companionship. Many of our regular clients like to mix it up, choosing a combination of private dog walks & group playdates at no extra charge.

It's only been a few weeks already but I feel compelled to share my experience with Christine and K-9 Kardio. Christine is awesome. She has the right calmness about her that dogs need to be around. She is trustworthy, thorough and genuinely cares about animals.

The in depth interview and introduction will have you convinced after 5 minutes of meeting Christine, that she has your dog’s welfare in mind.

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This is a service I have been wanting for years now but had no luck finding. Daycare options work but don’t guarantee your dog any one on one time, drop off and pick up times can be a hassle and who knows what kind of hygiene issues other boarding dogs may be introducing to your animal.

I recommend and encourage anyone to try Christine, this service offers a wealth of flexibility and most importantly, peace of mind.

Two thumbs way up!

- Dave Mackenzie