A nice photo of Christine and her sheperd, Jax, sitting in the middle of a dirt road with a nice scenery

Christine's Story

Four years ago after a minor car accident, K-9 Kardio owner Christine Levigne was feeling not unlike a caged animal, restless, anxious, lacking energy, left jobless by no fault of her own and, not to mention, in physical pain. With the hope of finding relief, Christine attended a 12 week rehabilitation program with a fantastic team by her side pushing her through a customized program tailored for her not let her injuries stand in her way any longer. Along with her dog, she began to walk, slowly at first, and added few more steps each day. Although she was in pain, and it does creep back into her life at times, she knew that being inactive would only aggravate her situation, and she had no intention of becoming a prisoner to her injuries any longer.

Walking created positive change not only in Christine, but also in her dog, Jax, whose behavioural issues began to dissipate with vigorous exercise and overall structure in both of their lives. Jax challenged her knowledge and dog handling skills and became part of the reason she began to expand her knowledge on dog behavior. The healing, happiness and energy she was able to find through dogs, movement and the outdoors made her want to keep doing it, every day.

With K-9 Kardio, Christine now walks the equivalent of a marathon on some days, and still makes time for her two dogs, and her supportive fiancee. She feels empowered to have had the strength to turn a negative experience into a dream job that not only allows her to be active, but also fulfill her need to help others.

When Christine isn’t being the alpha to a pack of dogs, playing fetch, or driving a fur friend to the salon, she’s usually hiking with her dogs, whipping up some amazing dish (or homemade dog treat,) camping, or pushing herself to the next level at the gym.

"Create a job you love, you will never have to work another day in your life."
- Christine Levigne

Christine and her staff are fully trusted, insured, certified in pet first aid and pride themselves in participating in ongoing education designed to enhance their knowledge in the professional pet industry to make sure that every pet in their care is safe, happy and healthy.

We’re all animals, and we need to get out, get moving and experience the world to feel good inside and out. K-9 Kardio make it their mandate to nurture the animals in their care to be happier and contribute to a happier, calmer, more responsive dog at home.

Christine and her team looks forward to meeting you, and your beloved pet, and finding out how they can enrich you and your pet(s) lives. Contact them today!

I am an overprotective pet Mommy, so I take great caution in who I allow to care for my pets. Christine K-9 Kardio has been a wonderful addition to my fur babies' life. She is always there when I am in need of her. She has done pee breaks for my 'senior' dog Sassy as well as drop in care for my 2 felines while I was out of town. I highly recommend her services!

- Gena Franco Lavigne